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    League Directors Meeting NOTES - Important

    Access to tournament informations, tabroom, service opportunities are all in the NCFL APP, which is available in both the APP STORE and PLAY STORE. Search for NCFL.

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  • Vaccine Verification FAQ
  • The Vaccine Verification process is being implemented by the NCFL to keep contestants, coaches, judges, and observers as safe as possible during the Grand National Tournament in Washington, DC. The NCFL understands that the Vaccine Verification process is new and can seem confusing at first. The health and safety of all of our guests for this return to in-person competition is a priority.

    We have created the following Vaccine Verification FAQ to answer any questions that you might have.
  • Tournament Schedule Overview
  • For those trying to schedule travel and DC activities, here is a very rough overview of the tournament schedule. A more detailed one will be posted as we get closer to May.
  • Vaccine Verification Information
  • Click HERE for a full set of instructions.What follows here is only a summary!!!

    All persons in attendance who plan to access the competition spaces must be fully vaccinated. This includes students, judges, coaches, tournament staff, chaperones, and observers.

    The Competition Spaces include all competition rooms, meeting rooms, tabrooms, and hallways in the Event Spaces of the DC Convention Center, Marriott Marquis, Marriott Renaissance, and the Grand Hyatt.

    The NCFL has partnered with VaccineCheck for our Vaccine Verification service. VaccineCheck is a service for events and employers provided by WellCheck. Everyone must be registered in Tabroom.com, and also with VaccineCheck. This includes chaperones and observers. It is critical that the email you register with in VaccineCheck is the same as the email you use in Tabroom.com. League Directors will complete the Tabroom.com registration as usual, but each person attending must complete their own VaccineCheck Verification.

    Each person will use the VaccineCheck website to upload your identity information and CDC Vaccine Card or your Exemption Request and Test Results. VaccineCheck is HIPAA Compliant and stores your data in an encrypted format.

    Complete your Vaccine Verification here: NCFL Vaccine Verification Pathway.

    Exemption requests must be uploaded into VaccineCheck by May 12, 2022 for review.

    Again, click HERE for a full set of instructions.This is only a summary!!!
  • PF Topic Released 4/10
    Resolved: The United Nations should adopt a standing army.
  • Important Message About Hired Judge Availability
    Hello Diocesan Directors, we are looking forward to seeing you at the 2022 NCFL National Tournament in May.

    We are reaching out to you regarding judge hire requests. We have had a decline in the number of volunteers willing to judge for us this year, especially in the debate categories. For those of you who have already submitted your judge hire requests, you can expect to hear back from us soon reguarding the status of your request. We are working hard to fill as many requests as we can, but unfortunately due to the shortage of volunteers, we may not be able to fulfill every request. As such, at this time we will no longer be accepting any new requests.

    If you know of anyone who may be interested in being hired to judge at our 2022 NCFL National Tournament, please encourage them to complete our Judge form to Be Hired as a Judge as soon as possible.

    Please help us share this message with your league's coaches, and encourage them to continue to look for judges to fill their school's judging requirement. We know it can be difficult to find judges, and we are sorry we are unable to help more. We are confident the return to in person NCFL National Tournaments this year will be an amazing experience for our students and know that it takes all of us together to make that happen.

    Thank you for all you do. We'll see you in May!
  • LD Topic Released 4/1
    Resolved: States should lose claims to international sovereignty if they abuse their citizens' human rights.

Copy of 2021 NCFL Fall Meeting Power Point for DC Nationals.


NCFL Statement of COVID-19 Protocols

NCFL 2022 DC

January 17, 2022

The NCFL is committed to hosting the safest tournament possible while still providing an in-person forum for competition which so many of our students have not had for the past two years. NCFL Nationals 2022 DC will adhere to the current DC Mask and Vaccine mandates in place as of January 17, 2022. These mandates include:

  • (1) Universal masking for all persons when in common areas in the hotels and competition venues and in competition rooms except when actively eating or drinking, or, in our case, actively performing or presenting a speech. Students are welcome to wear masks during performances or speeches if they prefer and will not be penalized. The use of KN/N 95 masks is strongly encouraged.
  • (2) Proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID PCR or Antigen test result that is fewer than 24 hours old. While not currently required, booster shots are strongly encouraged. If providing a test result, the attendee must also provide documentation of a medical exemption or attestation of a sincerely held religious belief. Persons younger than age 12 will not be permitted in NCFL competition spaces.
Accordingly, the NCFL will require proof of vaccination or documentation of a medical exemption or an attestation of a sincerely held religious belief by May 1, 2022 for all participants (students, coaches, and judges) as well as observers, who this year will be required to register with the tournament. The NCFL will provide instructions in the coming weeks on how to submit this information, as well as how to submit proof of a negative COVID PCR or Antigen test, if you have submitted a medical exemption or attestation of a sincerely held religious belief.

Washington, DC's Vaccine mandate applies to all indoor food and drink establishments, indoor cultural and entertainment establishments, indoor exercise and recreational facilities, indoor event and meeting establishments, including hotel meeting rooms and the convention center, and any other indoor establishment designated by the DC Department of Health. Individual businesses not included in this mandate may also have their own mask and vaccine mandates.

To enable decision making by our member schools, teams, and their families, and ensure the safest possible event, even if Washington, DC should loosen its mandates, the NCFL will not. The NCFL commits to enforcing at least these mask and vaccine mandates throughout the tournament and will enforce any additional mandates required by the city of Washington, DC at the time of the tournament in May, 2022.

We are committed to the health and safety of all of our participants and guests; thus, we will be limiting large gatherings by holding registration, meetings, judge training, judge calls, postings, and mass online. Awards will be live with some modifications to allow for distancing protocols. More details about specific procedures will be made available as the tournament planning progresses.

We look forward to finally seeing everyone together and in-person again in May!

Susan Peebles
and the Entire NCFL Executive Committee


NCFL Tournament
Detailed league and tournament information can be found at NCFL.org.

The NCFL sponsors the annual Grand National Tournament on Memorial Day weekend, offering six forensics events and four debate events.

The National Association of Secondary School Principals has placed this program on the NASSP National Advisory List of Student Contests and Activities for 2022.

What are the deadlines?
Schools joining through a Local Diocesan League, must submit their Membership Forms and Dues to their Local League according to their Local Diocesan League deadlines. Local Diocesan Leagues must submit all membership forms and dues ($50 per school) by December 10. New and Existing Local Diocesan Leagues may submit late membership forms and dues ($55 per school) by January 31. New Leagues must submit membership information not later than January 31. Schools requesting Individual Membership must apply not later than January 31. Tournament Registration must be completed, and fees paid, by April 15

What is the tournament format?
Registration by league directors is on Friday afternoon. Directors arrange to distribute registration materials to coaches and judges from their local leagues on Friday night. Preliminary rounds are held on Saturday. Elimination round participants are announced on Saturday evening after Mass. Elimination rounds are held on Sunday and are followed by an awards ceremony, which will recognize the top contestants in each event. School and League awards are also distributed at the awards ceremony.

How can a student qualify to compete?
The student's school must be a member of an NCFL Local League. These leagues are geographically distributed across the United States. Each league develops its own qualification system for the national tournament. Some leagues use a point system while others hold a qualifying tournament. League quotas represent the maximum number of entries in each category that can advance to the Grand National Tournament from each local league.

NOTE: A school that is not a member of an NCFL league may enter as an independent school for one year only. As such, that school could send one entry to the Grand National Tournament. After that, the school would have to join an NCFL league in order to continue participating. Only schools that are not geographically near an existing local league can apply for individual membership. Application for this membership should be made to the President via email, not later than December 10 each year.

What are a participating coach's responsibilities?
The coach must become familiar with all rules and procedures of the NCFL. Certain categories may be unique to the NCFL, or be slightly different from those of one's state or region. NCFL coaches must also arrange to pay all fees and provide all required judges. A significant fine will be assessed to any school who fails to provide a judge after registering for the tournament.

Tournament information will be updated here as it becomes available.

  • Hotel Blocks are open (1/18).
  • Hotel Information in PDF (1/28).
  • Extemp Topic Areas 1/18
  • LD Topic 4/1
  • PF Topic 4/10
  • Vaccine Verification Instructions 4/11
  • Tournament Schedule Overview 4/11

  • Here are some important dates leading up to the 2022 Grand Tournament:

      Registration Dates:
    • Registration Materials Distributed to Diocesan Directors - Mar 14, 2022
    • Diocesan Registration Due on tabroom.com - Apr 15, 2022
    • Fees and Signature Forms must be mailed to NCFL Treasurer & postmarked - April 15, 2022
    • Late Registration Deadline, or Last Day to add entries (with late fees) - Apr 22, 2022
    • Last day to change judge pools or assignments, without a fee - May 1
    • Last day to drop judges without replacement, regardless of student drops - May 21, 2022
    • Last day to change competitor and judge names - May 27, 2022
      Topic Submission/Release Approximate Dates:
    • Lincoln Douglas topic released - March 31 or April 1 (Vote March 21-28)
    • Congress Legislation Due to congress@ncfl.org - April 2
    • Extemp Question Submissions Due to extemp@ncfl.org - April 15
    • Public Forum topic released - April 8 (vote the week before - April 1-7)
    • Congress Legislation released - April 25
    • Congress Chambers released - May 27, 2022

    Please remember debate rounds will be held on the floor of the convention center. Please ensure any devices can get you through the rounds as charging access will be limited.

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    (See TWITTER for all Updates)

    All judges should be linked in Tabroom.com so that they can participate in OnLine Balloting. More information will follow.

    Please review all of the NCFL ByLaws and Rules. Event descriptions and ballots can be found at http://ncfl.org/NCFLnew/pages/ncfl-events.html Be sure all coaches of speech students have their original sources in case of a protest.
    The following will be posted here as soon as they become available:

  • Debate Topic Areas
    • LD Topic: Resolved: States should lose claims to international sovereignty if they abuse their citizens' human rights.
    • PF Topic: Resolved: The United Nations should adopt a standing army.
    • CX Topic: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.
  • Extemp Topic Areas (in no particular order)
      • US Legal & Constitutional Issues
      • US Foreign Policy
      • US Economic Policy
      • US Immigration
      • Medicine, Environment, Science, Technology
      • Societal Values & Ethical Issues
      • International Conflict & Civil Unrest
      • Foreign Economics
      • Leaders of Developing Countries
      As we have done in recent years, we are again inviting you, your coaches and your students to write and submit questions for use at this year's Nationals. Just think, you or your student might draw his/her own question in one of the rounds in DC. If you want a chance for that to happen, please make sure all your questions are submitted to us by April 15 at extemp@ncfl.org. (Please submit extemp questions grouped by TOPIC area).
  • Student Congress Legislation
  • The NCFL is committed to serving the greater community.

    For over 40 years, Martha's Table has worked to support strong children, strong families, and strong communities by increasing access to healthy food, quality education, and family supports in the District of Columbia. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity for their brightest future, and a deeply engaged family committed to their success.

    Click here for more information and to donate!.

    2022 NCFL Nationals Tournament Hotels

    Hotel blocks for 2022 NCFL Nationals are now open.

    Please book all hotels through Conference Direct.
    To make a reservation at our hotels,
    please use Conference Direct Housing.

    Click the BOOK NOW link if you are only reserving a few rooms.

    If you need to reserve 6 or more rooms please set up a sub-block by clicking the BOOK GROUP link.

    Feel free to contact Conference Direct at NCFL@conferencedirect.com with concerns or questions.

    Book Now (LIVE) Book Group (LIVE)

    The hotel websites are linked as a courtesy.
    *** Please, do not book rooms for the NCFL Tournament through the hotel websites. ***

    Click on the address for a map.

    Custom Tournament Booklet

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    Event schedule

    Welcome to the 2022 Grand National Tournament.

    Here is the latest version of the 2022 NCFL National Tournament schedule.

    All schedule

    Tournament at a Glance

    Online (Until 6:00 PM) - Confirm HERE on Tabroom when all issues (if any) have been resolved
    Marriott Marquis (until 8:00 PM) - Outside the Marquis Connector to the Convention Center on the Marquis Ballroom Level.
    Marriott Marquis (until 9:30 AM) - Outside the Marquis Connector to the Convention Center on the Marquis Ballroom Level.
    Convention Center - 153
    Convention Center - CC 146-ABC
    Convention Center - CC 146-ABC
    Marriott Marquis - 152-B
    Convention Center - CC 146-ABC
    Grand Hyatt - Washington Boardroom
    Grand Hyatt - Bulfinch & Renwick
    Marriott Marquis - Salon 15
    Convention Center - 151-AB
    Marriott Renaissance - Foundry Branch
    Marriott Marquis - Capitol Hill
    Marriott Renaissance - Dumbarton Oaks
    Marriott Marquis - Salon 12-13
    Grand Hyatt - Washington Boardroom
    Marriott Marquis - Salon 15
    Marriott Marquis - Georgetown U
    Marriott Marquis - Georgetown U
    Marriott Marquis - Georgetown U
    Marriott Marquis - Georgetown U
    Marriott Marquis - Marquis Grand Ballroom

    2022 NCFL Nationals Tournament Sites and Locations

    Things to Do and Places to Go